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Pack 3094 Parents make the Pack Grow!

Cub Scouting, espeically scouting in Pack 3094 is a parent volunteer run organization.  There's no paid staff.  Our parents make the Pack Go and Grow!

So, what's involved in helping make the Pack go?  Lots of little things!  A whole bunch of information is attached in the Fast Start Guide PDF.  Lets summarize:

The Pack is made up of a Committee and Leaders.

The Leaders are the ones you're familiar with:
  • Tiger Den Leader
  • Wolf Den Leader
  • Bear Den Leader
  • Webelos 1 Den Leader
  • Webelos 2 Den Leader
  • The Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster.

They provide the day to day and monthly programs for your scouts.  They interact every week with the kids and make the program fun!

The Committee works behind the scenes.  We call our Committee our ScoutParents, because it's just parents figuring out fun things for the Scouts to do.  Some of the jobs in the Committee include:

  • Pack Committee Chairman
  • Pack Secretary
  • Pack Treasurer
  • Advancement Member
  • Pack Trainer
  • Public Relations Member
  • Outings and Camping Member
  • Internet Member
  • Pinewood Derby Member 
Right now a lot of the hats are being worn by just a few people.  We'd love to have more folks pick up just a little bit when they can help out.

There's lots of training on to help the new Committe member or Den Leader learn how to make things work better.  And we have monthly Roundtables, where we go over one topic in depth.  Our District also has an annual 'University of Scouting' training day where you can take classes on everything from games for the kids to budget planning!

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Cub Scout Positions - Fast Start.pdf  

Pack 3094 Leadership Roles

        The Cubmaster provides a public face for the Pack, working with the boys and parents to help everyone have a good time! Keeps to the agenda to ensure pack meetings will run smoothly, information is promptly delivered and awards are presented. Notifies the Committee, Den Leaders and Parents of any upcoming events or new information. In charge of organizing, scheduling and registering the Pack for all Camps.

Assistant Cubmaster
The Assistant Cubmaster helps the Cubmaster lead Pack events, fills in when needed with Den leadership, helps with awards and more.

Committee Chair
The Committee Chair handles scheduling, planning, calendar and updates, most paperwork, website updates and site screening, health forms, Adult & Boy Applications, and all the administrative tasks to keep the pack running, and ensures everyone receives email communications/ Committee meeting notes, and assists new scouts/parents with registrations and with Scholarships or financial assistance (if needed)** a form must be filled out for this, and is kept confidential. The Committee Chair works with the Cubmaster to ensure the Annual Health Forms have been completed for EVERY person attending any Camp, even adults. These are for Day Camp, Bear Camp, Webelos Camp or any other Camp or activity requiring a Health Form. It is a Great idea to keep a current Health Form on file for each of the Webelos I's and Webelos II's, so when they do their Boy Scout Troop Visits or Boy Scout Troop Overnighters, they have them with the Boy Scout Troop they and their Parent will be attending ---yes, the attending parent needs a Health Form as well. The Webelos Dens need to be in communication with you about when and with whom they will be doing visits or overnighters with. The Webelos scout(s) and their parent(s) should return their Health Forms for the Pack Files so they may be utilized again. 

The Treasurer keeps the pack accounts at the bank and handles dues payments, also provides receipts for each payment in the receipt book (carbon copy). Makes the annual Budget Plan, and revises if necessary. 

The trainer helps the leaders to get trained and keeps track of the pack training records..notifies Parents and Leaders when updated training is near due. This person also facilitates Adult Advanced Training.

Awards Chair: The Awards Chair prints off the records per each Den Level from and the Advancement record (x3--2 for Council and one goes to our Committee Chair for the Pack's records) The Awards Chair is responsible for going to the Scout Shop (Council Service Center) and purchasing all the awards, cards, certificates, and pins. Ask at the register for a 2nd receipt so that you may be reimbursed by the Pack Treasurer. 

Popcorn Kernel  
             Attends the Popcorn Kernel Meeting, handles the popcorn sales presentation, collects the scout's order forms and money, and keeps track of each scout's sales. Handles submitting the orders to the council (after a Cubmaster and Committee Chair review and verifying all numbers match), picking up the order, and organizing each order for prompt pick up for delivery by each scout family. The Popcorn Kernel also coordinates "show-and-sell" events for on site popcorn sales for the pack.
**if an order is not paid for in full, the order CANNOT be Council will reject it...if a parent insists on submitting the order, the PARENT is responsible for any monies not paid upon turning in the order. Also fills out an online form for the popcorn sales awards for the scouts, Tope Sellers, and for those who have met a certain goal for a special prize of thee year, which is entered in, and the Parent of the scout will receive communications about this via email, and provides a printed list to the Cubmaster and Committee Chair of those recipients and which items. (AWARDS!!!). Keeps track of which Scouts sold Popcor, which scout earned their Popcorn Patch, and which scouts selected which prize from the prize form.
Blue & Gold Banquet Coordinator: 
          The Blue and Gold Coordinator should initiate communications in mid-January, because the Blue & Gold Banquet is the last Saturday in February, and advanced communications are VITAL! Keeps a sign up sheet for who is coming, how many per each family, and who is helping with which task. Follows up to ensure the tasks have been completed. Ensures food items are ordered through planning with the committee and Cubmaster and Treasurer. Also Picks up these ordered items the morning of the banquet. Coordinates decorations per the requested theme (Webelos II Den decides on the theme each year). Ensures tables and chairs are set up (set up and clean up help is a MUST--and are countable hours towards the Pack's volunteer hours (JTE)). Coordinates with each Den on types of sides to bring (fruits, veggies, breads, cookies..etc.). Each Family also to bring with them a dish that will serve 2 times the number of people they are bringing. Keeps an accurate account of attendees, and gives those numbers to the Cubmaster and Committee/Treasurer for accurate food planning/ordering. Also ensures a Cake large enough for a piece per each person attending is ordered and picked up and paid for. Turn in your receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Day Camp Coordinator:  
          Attends the Day Camp Meeting (Held annually). Responsible for keeping an accurate list of attendees (Adult Walking Leaders and scouts) All scouts & adults also must have a health form on file for that year. Ensures the list of attendees is accurate each day, keeping a Master copy with them, and submitting a daily log of who is present to the registrar at Day Camp. Responsible for ensuring one of the walking leaders will hold and lead the Pack through the Day Camp activities planned out each day. Responsible for coordinating an Ice Parent (parent who will volunteer to bring 2 large bags of ice daily), and a snack Parent (a non-attending parent who will volunteer to bring a simple cold snack---freezer pops or such--daily for when the boys return from camp. (Usually it's HOT outside!!)