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Pinewood Derby Track Rental - Pack 3094

Until further notice we will not be able to rent out our track  for the rest of 2018.  We apologize for any inconvienence.

Pack 3094 offers use by donation of our Pinewood Derby track to Scouting and other youth organizations in the Johnson County, Overland Park and Kansas City Metro area.

What We Provide
  • Four lane, 37' BestTrack Aluminum track
  • Electronic 'FastTrack' finish line and digital timer
  • Race management and timing software preconfigured and installed on laptop computer
  • Track setup and teardown
  • Race operation consultation
  • Operation of the race management computer and software including data entry, racer setup.
  • Races are run in sequential order; each car runs one time on each lane.  Winners determined by combined times on all 4 lanes, using timing accurate to 1/1,000th of a second
  • Full timing reports on request of each heat of the race and final standings in CSV files!
What You Provide
  • Space to set up track - minimum 50' long by 10' wide for track, minimum of 5' clear space on each side of the track, maintained clear before, during and after the race.  No pedestrian traffic or spectators in the race track area.
  • Secure indoor space to store the track; it's loaded in a 7' x 4' x 4' crate that weighs over 200 pounds
  • Transportation of the track - full size truck or empty (all seats out) minivan, plus 4 strong backs to load and unload.
  • 120V AC Power within 10' of finish line of track
  • VGA projector and screen if you want display of the results. (*)
  • Donation by check (payable to Pack 3094) or cash after track setup and test, before race begins.
  • Staff to run the race itself - car cacher and runners, Announcer, race starter and car loader, any other positions the group wants.
  • List of potential racers (Pack Roster works fine) 2-3 days ahead of time

Base cost for evening or weekend races for non-profit youth organizations is $200 for up to 7 days rental subject to availability.  Base $200 includes 60 cars; 4 hours race.  Beyond 60 cars / 4 hours race, call or email for quote.  We have run regional derbies with over 300 cars - let us help you!

We request a $300 donation for Corporate or for-profit events.

Weekday (8AM to 5PM, Monday - Friday) races require 21 days advance notice; $100 deposit upon reservation and $400 total donation to the Cub Scout Pack.  (We all work day jobs and have to take vacation days to support weekday events)

Discount is available for experienced Packs who provide their own data entry and race setup / operation.  

(*) - projector can be rented from the Pack for $25 per day, frequently waived for polite folks.  

For availability and more information please contact the Pack.

Track Setup

Scoutparents helping set up the track should watch this video on how to set up the Pinewood Derby Track.

Race Management

We can support den level, whole pack, bracket, grand final round racing and more.  Please let us know what trophies and awards you plan to have so we can configure the racing ahead of time.  To save time on race day, please provide us with a list of potential racers (your Pack Roster).  We can pre-enter everyone and provide racer checkin sheets, rosters and ID numbers to speed checkin on the day of the race!  If you have questions or need help designing your Pinewood Derby race, just contact the Pack.

Other Resources:
We partner with Patrick Liekhus, who can handle races South of 435 in the Blue Valley School District.  If our schedule is booked for your race day, please contact Patrick by email or call him at (913) 967-9354

Pinewood Derby Track Scheduling

Commonly, groups will want to use the track on a Saturday afternoon - we've blocked out known conflict dates for Saturdays.  Reservations by other groups will also show on this calendar.  If a date is not listed, please contact Allen Rogers <> to confirm availability.